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Puccini Festival 2011 - Opera - Boheme - Madama Butterly - Turandot

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Puccini Festival 2012

Every year, the Puccini opera is celebrated at the Festival in Torre del Lago. The Puccini Festival opens on July 14 and ends on August 27 2011. The operas that will be represented are: Boheme, Madama Butterfy and Turandot

Hotel I Pini feels very attached to the figure of Puccini, which often was a guest of the artist Galilei Chini in this house, during his summer vacation.

The Puccini Festival it's about 80 Km from Florence, 25 km from Lucca and only 30 minutes from the international airport of Pisa.

Since 2008,
the performances are presented in the New Great Outdoor Theater, which has a capacity of 3,370 seats and is located near the Museum Villa Puccini where the composer lived and worked for about three decades.

Puccini, a close friend of Galileo Chini, was a frequent guest at this residence in the numerous moments of friendship and cooperation between the two artists.

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