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Romantic Charme i Pini Hotel Honeymoon and Weddings in Tuscany


The possibilities are only limited by your imagination. You're always assured a rare and beautiful space for an unforgettable event.
One of the most beautiful things about an Italian wedding is the ceremony itself. Most clients have a civil ceremony, which is far more beautiful than it sounds. The city hall of Florence is the 15th century Palazzo Vecchio, where weddings take place in the magnificent ?Red Room?, festooned with tapestries and noted paintings. The scene is much the same in every large city and small town where we work.
Religious weddings may take place in a number of beautiful, selected Catholic churches for couples who are both Christian and at least one of whom is Catholic. (As religious weddings are more complicated to arrange, please contact us well in advance.) Protestant and Jewish religious weddings are also available. These, however, have no legal standing in Italy; they are always accompanied by a civil wedding as well. Additionally, we can arrange religious blessing ceremonies outdoors or in other locations.
We advice you to make your reservations at least six months in advance so you are able to arrange your weddings. Choose a cottage for your romantic honeymoon contact the owners directly save money and find the best and charming accommodation in tuscany.
Visits to famous area of Colonnata (lardo: speciality food, special white speck) or Cinque Terre (via dell'amore) and olive oil tasting locally produced. We can also arrange activity for guests such as cooking lessons horseback riding, hiking, and Italian language lessons.
Civil Wedding Ceremonies can be arranged in the beautiful the Town Halls of Lucca, Camaiore and Pietrasanta. The Town Halls of these cities and towns are ancient, historical palazzos with frescoes, furnished with beautiful Lucchese antiques. The mayor or vice-mayor performs the service in Italian while an interpreter translates the vows and various articles pertaining to the couple's new married status. It may last up to 30 minutes. Then the bride and groom and their witnesses sign documents.
Romantic Charme i Pini Hotel Honeymoon and Weddings in Tuscany
Protestant Wedding Ceremonies can be performed in Florence at St. James' or St Mark's both Anglican churches with English-speaking priests. Special marriage requirements are necessary for Protestant ceremonies outside of large cities in Catholic chapels, although there are no restrictions on blessings and symbolic ceremonies for any couple who has already had a civil ceremony either in Italy or in their country of origin.
Catholic Weddings can be arranged in chapels throughout the Tuscan countryside, and there are beautiful Tuscany villas and manors with parks where receptions can be held and guests may be accommodated. Catholic weddings in Italy may not be performed outdoors; however, civilly married couples may have a symbolic ceremony with a Catholic blessing, which can take place anywhere.
Symbolic Ceremonies or Blessings for legally married couples can take any form and the locations are limitless, such us Chapel Weddings, Italian Gardens, Parks, Medieval Castles, or Renaissance Villas.