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Surf in Tuscany - Surf School in Versilia

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If you have ever ridden a wave, you will know that surfing is one of those unforgettable experiences and, for many, a life changing moment. Suddenly priorities change and you find yourself exploring new places, surfing new beaches, meeting new people. Surfing is addictive! 

Surf School in Tuscany - Italy

Ideal geographic area and places to begine a new experience with the Surf School here in Tuscany! Starter from Viareggio until Cinquale the are many spots, the most important are: 

- Darsena di Viareggio 
- Molo di Viareggio 
- Città Giardino (between Viareggio and Lido di Camaiore) 
- Garuglia Surf Point in Lido di Camaiore 
- Bagno Eugenia in Lido di Camaiore (headquarter of Tzunami Surf School) 
- The pier of Lido di Camaiore
- The pier of Forte dei Marmi 
- Cinquale in Forte dei Marmi
- La Pampana a Marina di Massa 



Base/advanced course 1 hour 30,00 Euro
Base/advanced course 4 hours 110,00 Euro
Training package 12 hours 300,00 Euro

Group ( 2-6 people)

1 hour 20,00 Euro
Base/advanced course 4 hours  80,00 Euro
Training package 12 hours 200,00 Euro
Kid training 6 hours 100,00 Euro

Surf Camp ( Min. 8 people)

Full Day 50,00 Euro

Rent Surf

1 Surf 1 hour 15,00 Euro
1 Surf 1/2 day 25,00 Euro
1 Surf 1 day 35,00 Euro

For more info contact: 

Nicola Salvini  Tel: 328-8484936 
Hotel I PINI    Tel. 0584-66103  


Discount price for Surf Team and individual people with surf passion.